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I have such feelings of gratitude when I think about how fortunate me, Gracie Allen and Teeto were to have you in our life at an important time. The comfort I had knowing you were around to help and guide me with both of these pups was fortunate and unforgettable.

Forever Thankful,


Dear Wes,

Happy Holidays! Thank you for being Kirby's friend and giving us hope when we thought we didn't have it.

Michelle, Sam, Wesley and Kirby 

Diana Q. (via Yelp)

Wes @Jolly Pup saved our relationship with our newly adopted dog, Pearl. Things weren't going well (we weren't familiar with the real meaning of separation anxiety) and our furnishings were slowly being destroyed when we'd leave the house by this sweet lab mix. We were experienced dog owners, but Pearl's behavior was entirely something else, and it was out of our league. We tried crate training, but she destroyed the crate, along with the floor underneath it. Long story short, it was an incredibly stressful situation for all involved. We felt like we were being held hostage by our dog in our home as we were afraid to leave her alone. It was so bad we were on the brink of taking Pearl back to DAS when we went to Wes for help. Thank goodness we did this first. Wes trained us, he trained Pearl, and now I can happily say life with this dog is wonderful. 

Basically, Wes showed us how to be good pet parents. He also taught Pearl some basic obedience. And it was all fairly simple.

The Play Dates are great because Pearl can run around and get the exercise she needs while we are at the office. We love that Wes picks her up and drops her off at our house, saving us from having to rush home to get to typical doggie day care by closing time. We used to feel guilty about leaving her all day at those stinky, crowded, places. Pearl is such a happy dog now (especially on her Jolly Pup Days), and we are so grateful to have the wonderful, patient, trustworthy Wes in our lives. Jolly Pup has made such a huge difference, and we are now so in LOVE with our well-adjusted and anxiety-free dog. Thank goodness we listened to Wes @ Jolly Pup and didn't give up on Pearl because she is such a blessing in our lives. Thank you, Jolly Pup!

Bryan R. (via Yelp)

Are you looking for someone who understands dogs? If so, look no further than Wes, owner of Jolly Pup. He is amazing! Our young Labradoodle is a little skittish around people and other dogs and he came in and had her interacting with other people in no time. 

He came to our house and thoughtfully created a plan for our pup that worked for specifically for her. No cookie cutter approach to dog training here. Wes helped our little one with her confidence and barking at everyone that came within a quarter mile of her. We still have work to do with our Labradoodle, but Wes has set us up with a great plan including his interaction as we need. So much different than other dog trainers that came with a single approach to our pup's needs and became frustrated when her insecurities took longer than the trainer cared to take. Wes, instead, is patient and moved at our pup's pace.

Jolly Pup also offers dog walking and boarding, but I can't speak to those services. I wouldn't have any hesitation though in using him for either of these in the future.

Couldn't be happier with Jolly Pup.