How did you become an expert dog trainer?

I’ve always loved dogs and had a knack for communicating with them. In fact, my first date with my wife, Haven, included my dog at the time.  I started studying dog training when I was a teenager, and since then I’ve trained my own dogs and my family’s and friends’ dogs. After college, I worked in the IT field for about twenty years. Working in that field taught me a lot, but I was ready for a change. I wanted to work in a field that’s fulfilling, one that helps make people’s and dog’s lives better. 

One day, after talking to a friend who’d had an ineffective experience with his dog at a training class, I realized I should start a dog training, walking, and sitting business. Haven loved the idea. We're both native Dallasites who have lived in East Dallas for over a decade, so we were also very excited to start a family business in our hometown.

I intensified my study of dog behavior for several years while we planned, and we opened in July 2013.  Since then I’ve successfully trained many dogs for a wide variety of issues, such as obedience commands and behavior challenges like anxiety, barking, jumping, and other issues. Helping a family acclimate a new dog to their home is another specialty. And when I care for dogs, whether it's walking or sitting, I'm happy I can give dog owners the same excellent care I'd want for my own dogs. Now I look forward to going to work every day.


What makes Jolly Pup training different?

Just like humans, every dog is different. Some are shy, some are outgoing and confident, and some are more independent. So when I'm training a dog, I tailor my approach to his or her personality. Also, a lot of my training focuses on coaching the dog's owner. This is part of my job that I really enjoy. Often the most important aspects of coaching are in the details. For instance, tone of voice and body language make all the difference in getting the best results. 

In addition, I guarantee my training and provide support after training has been completed: I can provide an owner with a video that features me working with his or her dog while reinforcing key ideas; this allows for a convenient training refresher whenever the owner would like one. Also, I will provide free, additional coaching sessions if an owner would like them later on.

What if I feel like my dog’s issues are unique?

If you don’t see your dog’s issue(s) listed on our web page, don’t worry. I address many more behaviors than we can mention on the site, and I have yet to see an issue I can’t address. As one of our clients mentioned in a testimonial, I don’t use a “cookie cutter approach to dog training,” which is one of the biggest strengths of our business. 


How much does your training cost?

All of my training is customized. So after you tell me about your dog and your wishes, I can create a program that fits your specific needs, lifestyle and budget. 

Who is your ideal client?

My focus is training, walking and caring for family dogs. We welcome clients who have dogs with all kinds of personalities and/or issues. 


I'd like to learn more. What's my next step?

Just click on Contact, email me at wes@jollypup.com or call me at 214 455-5546.