Territorial Behavior

Territorial behavior


When Wes and Haven adopted lovable Charlie, he was uneasy when people came over.  When guests stepped into the house, Charlie might rear up and bark, which scared people.  Under his agitation, Charlie was scared, too.  He believed he needed to protect himself and his new pack from people he viewed as outsiders.

Charlie needed to know his humans had everything under control. To help him relax with visitors, Wes had Charlie sit at attention in the hall until Wes admitted the guests.  After the guests entered, Wes gave Charlie the “at ease” command. This routine let Charlie know exactly what he should be doing, so he could feel confident that he and his family were safe. Once he felt secure, he could greet callers comfortably with Rottweiler kisses.  Wes has successfully used this approach with other dogs as well.