Jolly Pup is proud to be a local, family business!  We provide the following services:


When you hire someone to take care of your pup, you deserve to know he or she is comfortable and having fun when you're not available. To meet these needs, founder and owner Wes Ratliff takes care of your dog personally.


When you go out of town, Wes can visit your dog several times a day for recreation and companionship in addition to meals and bathroom breaks.  This provides the best of both worlds:  Your pup gets to relax  in his or her regular environment while you can relax knowing he or she is doing fine in your absence.


Our walking and sitting service areas are East Dallas, Lake Highlands, Highland Park, and University Park.  


DOG TRAINING                  

Imagine your pup reliably behaving just as you wish, such as obeying obedience commands like “Come,” “Sit,” and “Stay”; not pulling on the leash; adjusting to a new home; or even overcoming more serious behavior problems. Jolly Pup provides individual, custom training that fits your specific needs and your dog’s unique personality. 

Founder and owner Wes Ratliff personally trains your pup and coaches you with creative, flexible programs that will get your dog's behavior on track as soon as possible. Read about our training principles and methods and why our methods will work for you even if other programs haven't.  

After Wes has trained your dog and you, he can provide you with a custom training video. The video features Wes working with your pup while reinforcing key ideas from training sessions, so you always have his advice and examples at your fingertips.  Watch a video Wes recently created for a client.  



You and your dog deserve the happiest possible life together. We help by providing flexible and personal training and other services that meet your unique needs.



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